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Here's a sample of what we provide to help poker players, sports bettors, professional gamblers and other digital nomads from all over the world, almost anywhere in the world:


  • Dedicated Support: One-on-one, individual support and advice throughout
  • Organization: Calendar for your move and custom timeline with deliverables. Custom project in our secure, private project management system with access to messages, info, documents & more.
  • Finances: Customized budgeting and financial planning for before, during and after the move
  • Location: Alignment with the most ideal destination weighing a balance of factors such as cost-of-living, climate, location, lifestyle and other
  • Planning: We will be there every step of the way, thoroughly planning out each phase of the relocation. Our process is divided into 3 phases: Pre-planning, arrival and follow up
  • Logistics: In addition to planning, we will support with aspects such as travel plans, arrangements, accommodations, drivers and other support staff including translators, maids, nannies and more
  • Custom Property Search: Comprehensive and completely customized property search on your behalf in specific accordance with your property specifications. Our bilingual staff, resources and 10 years of real estate experience will ensure that you have access to a selection of properties in safe & secure areas that meet your needs, budget and expectations. We also include property visits if applicable and contract negotiation.
  • Home Organization & Prep: Internet, back up Internet, mail and utilities set up
  • Opening a Bank Account: We assist our clients with compiling requirements, choosing the right bank for your needs and opening the account with an experienced translator, then follow up to ensure receipt of debit card and operation of online banking.
  • Orientation: Packages include 1 pre-arrival shopping trip and 1 post-arrival shopping trip to help you get situated and equipped with basic necessities, groceries and more. Additional trips with bilingual local guide/driver are also available at any time through our Concierge Services. We also provide written guides and information packages for each of our destinations with a plethora of local, helpful info from a player’s perspective: from paying bills to ordering pizza.
  • Integration with the local community: Referrals to local professionals or making contacts with other poker community expats
  • Follow up: Even months after you relocate, we will be in touch to make sure you still have everything you need.
  • Concierge Services: Maximize your hours playing poker! Need a maid, private chef, personal assistant or someone to do your laundry? We have you covered.
  • Gaming-related services:
    • Document management & administrative support
    • Re-activating existing online gaming accounts + Opening new gaming accounts
    • VIP status, sign up bonuses, rakeback deals and free trials for select products
    • Set up of E-Wallets like Skrill & Neteller, verification, priority customer support & other perks
    • Integration of E-Wallets with poker and gaming sites for seamless deposit and cash-out options
    • Streamlining deposit & withdrawal methods
    • Dedicated account reps or connection with customer support available on some sites
  • Additional services included:
    • Private airport pick-up and transportation to your new home
    • Optional free single consultation with a CPA or tax attorney in your home or destination


If you are from outside the US or have already moved before finding out about Poker Refugees but still need help with various aspects of relocation, we can provide á la carte services tailored to your needs. We work with players from all around the world who are affected by regulation or who desire to move for climate, cost-of-living or any other reason. Sample á la Carte services include:

  • Custom consulting
  • Custom property searches
  • Help opening a bank account
  • Change of address
  • E-wallets set-up: Skrill & Neteller with prepaid debit cards
  • Orientation and shopping
  • Airport transfer and private drivers by the hour
  • Tax attorney or CPA referrals
  • Utilities and internet set-up
  • Translation services
  • Research projects
  • City and country guides


If you want to move to a country that's not listed on our site, you can hire us for reliable, customized research and assistance on the destination of your choice. We can also accommodate full relocations to custom locations.


We can provide additional services or connect players with the right people in each country that can help increase your standard of living and save you even more time: maids, private chefs, personal assistants, legal and business referrals or anything else you may want.


For our clients who travel frequently or are switching countries, we offer comprehensive property searches custom-tailored to each players needs. We represent your interests (versus those of a realtor, property owner or rental agent). We can also match you with a compatible roommate or in a poker house virtually anywhere in the world.


We offer customized packages and consulting to help sports bettors relocate and play on their favorite offshore sites, move to a new country of residence, and almost anything else. If you are a sports bettor currently based in the US or abroad and would like assistance with an aspect of sports betting relocation, please see our website especially for sports bettors: or email to discuss your options.

Our Features

  • One-on-One Interview
  • Getting Set Up with Poker Sites
  • High Speed + Backup Internet
  • Detailed Requirements and Tips to Set Up a Local Bank Account
  • One-on-One Interview
  • Preliminary Property Selection
  • Complimentary Airport Pickup
  • Referrals to English-Speaking Professionals
  • Guidance on how to buy a reliable car or negotiating long-term rental rates