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How long am I allowed to live in the country?

Each country has differing visa entry requirements and rules as to how long you can stay before renewing your visa. We can provide this information for each country.

Do I have to become a resident of the country and give up my US citizenship?

No and no; you can remain a tourist in the country although we can provide you with requirements to become a resident. Even if you do decide to become a resident, you can still have foreign residency and keep your status as a US citizen.

How much will this cost?

Just as the costs of different properties or plane tickets vary, so does the cost for relocating to each country. We charge a standard retainer to cover administrative costs. Once on the ground, there are no additional relocation fees; you only pay for your individual services such as internet connection, etc. We have been able to use our contacts within each country to provide a service that saves you money and time on many levels. Contact us directly or see our page for more info.

How do I pay for services?

By credit card, Moneybookers or deposit/transfer/bill pay to Bank of America

How do I know I will be able to play once I move abroad?

We have a 100% success rate with setting our clients up with new poker accounts or helping them re-open existing accounts after proving residence abroad.

How long does the process take?

We can work fast, but for planning and resource allocation we prefer to receive advanced notice of 2-4 weeks before your desired move date.

For players who give this advanced notice, on average they are back up and running on their poker accounts within 12-48 hours depending on the site. For players who contact us after arrival to the country, it can take longer because we must retrace your initial steps and rework them.

Finding a rental property depends on your budget and varying availability, but we work as efficiently as the market allows. With our local market knowledge and contacts, we can prepare aspects such as bank account requirements, Internet set up, cable connection and phone so that they are poised to go by the time you step off the plane.

Why should I use this service?

Moving to a new country and new culture can be a confusing, expensive, frustrating and time consuming process with seemingly infinite details to attend to. For this reason, multinational corporations pay upwards of $100k to move their executives and expats around the globe.

Let us use our expertise to simplify things for you and save you thousands of dollars in time and missteps. Our core staff are all from the US, Canada and UK, but with years of experience living in working in around the globe. We have been able to put together a global network of similar experts in their fields who are able to put that priceless experience to work for you so you can relax, enjoy your new life and most important of all - start making money again.

Do I have to pay taxes on earnings cashed out in different countries?

Poker Refugees is not licensed to offer advice on tax-related issues. We strongly recommend that you seek out a licensed professional for this type of matter. We have some excellent contacts in that field, so if you would like a referral let us know!

What's required by the online poker sites before I can start playing outside of the United States?

This varies by each online poker room, but you can click here to view PokerStars' requirements. No matter what site you want to begin playing on, Poker Refugees can help. There are a plethora of international online poker rooms you can play at.

Can you help me relocate to a different country other than those listed?

Yes. Contact us directly for individual guidance as to which country may be right for you. If you already have a specific country in mind, chances are we can cover that area and streamline your relocation experience.

Can I bring my wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend/family/kids??

Yes! More and more couples and families are beginning to move abroad. We can provide info on schools, immigration and related interests while recommending trusted moving companies to help you haul your stuff over.

Our Features

  • One-on-One Interview
  • Getting Set Up with Poker Sites
  • High Speed + Backup Internet
  • Detailed Requirements and Tips to Set Up a Local Bank Account
  • One-on-One Interview
  • Preliminary Property Selection
  • Complimentary Airport Pickup
  • Referrals to English-Speaking Professionals
  • Guidance on how to buy a reliable car or negotiating long-term rental rates