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Yes, Ecuador. You may have overlooked this South American gem when considering destinations to relocate to, but take a closer look. While still in the shadow of countries like Costa Rica and Mexico, Ecuador is “the next big thing” as an up-and- coming destination for retirees, investors and global expats. Players on a budget will especially appreciate the ultra-low cost of living and high fun index in the country’s largest city of Guayaquil.

Why Ecuador:

  • Everything is very cheap
  • Reliable Internet
  • Peaceful country with beautiful beaches
  • High quality of life for foreigners
  • Relatively close to the US; 5 - 9 hour flight times
  • Variety of restaurants, clubs, bars and shopping
  • Diverse country with something for everyone

What to Expect:

  • Live like a king on a micro-budget
  • Tropical weather
  • Lunch for $2/Beer for $1
  • Low rent prices
  • Friendly, happy people
  • Cosmopolitan and historical cities
  • Lots of seafood
  • Soccer fans
  • Spanish
  • The Andes Mountains & Galapagos Islands
  • A 2p2 friend here and there

Locations: While the infrastructure in coastal areas such as Salinas beach is improving, we recommend Guayaquil for the most stability and amenities.

Our Features

  • One-on-One Interview
  • Getting Set Up with Poker Sites
  • High Speed + Backup Internet
  • Detailed Requirements and Tips to Set Up a Local Bank Account
  • One-on-One Interview
  • Preliminary Property Selection
  • Complimentary Airport Pickup
  • Referrals to English-Speaking Professionals
  • Guidance on how to buy a reliable car or negotiating long-term rental rates